About us

Its all about the hand making

Folk that come from outside the Kingdom of Fife often assume that an ‘oatcake’ is one of those machine made crackers that you find in the supermarket. You know the ones, dry, chalky and unexciting which are OK with a lot of strong cheese and pickle, provided you have a glass of water to hand.

We are on a mission to bring to the world a real handmade Scottish oatcake and when we say ‘handmade’, this is what we mean:

The Roll

The Cut

The Bake

When hand-rolled with a rolling pin and baked with only the finest ingredients and just sufficient baking powder to allow it to rise correctly, a genuinely handmade Scottish oatcake is a thing of beauty.

All our oats come from farms in Fife and we never use artificial additives or preservatives, but by keeping it simple we have created a range of delicious biscuits and breakfast cereals that have developed a loyal following in Scotland and beyond.

We do everything we can support the environment that supports our business, and are proud to say that our packaging is widely recycled, and the loose fill we use is compostable. Unfortunately, the flow wrap we use for our products is not yet compostable, however, we are working on it. 

Your Piece Baking Company has been spreading the word since 2009 and we hope you like our products. We would be delighted to hear what you think of them. Good, bad or ugly!

If you have any questions please get in touch at info@yourpiecebakingcompany.com